Ph.D. Supervision


Are you interested in pursuing a Ph.D. at Warwick Business School? We are a great school with a welcoming, intellectually stimulating, and multi-cultural environment, and you can expect the best supervision! Please follow the link to obtain more information about the doctoral program on the WBS website !



Ph.D. Mentoring


Not sure if you want to continue a career in academia after your Ph.D.? This career decision might particularly be challenging for female Ph.D. students. Indeed, one can observe a gender gap and we count less female than male professors in many European universities, including countries such as the UK and Germany. I am happy to advise Ph.D. students (male and female alike) in this decision process.


Some Ph.D. students might face challenges. These range from limited support by their Ph.D. supervisor, challenges in obtaining funding or teaching experience, and even harassment. I am happy to continue my engagement to point to courses of action. Support networks are in place and they can be effective! In case you are a Ph.D. student at a university in the UK or Germany (because I am most familiar with these two systems), feel free to contact me. Why is this helpful? Students might feel more comfortable to talk to an external faculty member from a different university.